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Mini Rex History
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The Mini Rex was accepted for it's third showing at the 1988 ARBA Convention in Madison, WI.  It was sponsored by Mona Berryhill of Texas.  The way she came by this breed was by winning a pair of dwarf rex in the Research and Development raffle at the 1984 ARBA Convention in Orlando, FL.  The buck was bred to a an undersized Lynx Rex doe, and the mating produced seven uniform miniature babies with rex fur.  Three of these animals were does and bred back to their sire, and again uniform miniature babies with rex fur were produced.  This was the start of the Mini Rex breed as we know it today.  


Varieties Black, Blue, Broken, Castor, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Himalayan (Black & Blue), Lilac, Lynx, Opal, Otter, Red, Seal, Tortoise, Ruby Eyed White, and Blue Eyed White.

There are other varieties being worked on at the current time.

The Mini Rex is a relatively new breed.  A simple touch with your hand is all it takes to make you an instant fan of this small rabbit.  Another attraction is it's small size.  This aspect makes it easy for handling.  Less room is needed to raise them, and less food is needed to them than for a larger breed.  Rex fur is one of the features that makes this breed unique.  It should be no longer than 5/8 of an inch long.  This small breed makes a great show or pet animal.

For more information on the Mini Rex breed I would recommend you join the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club.  


Click on the logo above to go to the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club website.